25 April 2007

McCain, rebranding himself as the Obama of the right.

ABC News reports that McCain is attempting to relaunch himself and his campaign.

He did so by trying to cast himself as an independent conservative appealing to not just Republicans, but the nation.

"Ours are not red state or blue state problems," McCain said before a crowd of approximately 300 well-wishers underneath an overcast sky. "We can't muddle through the next four years, bickering among ourselves, and leave to others the work that is ours to do."

Honestly it sounds allot like he is trying to pick up Obama's with a Republican twist. "Ours are not red state or blue state problems..." sounds like it is lifted almost directly from Obama's speech at the Democratic convention.

To bad he surrendered credibility by pandering to social conservatives and overplaying the security situation in Iraq.