30 August 2008

John McCain = Politics First

Alaska has no income tax.
Alaska has no sales tax.
Citizens of Alaska get paid yearlly from test state oil revenues.
Alaska recieves the most pork per capita of any state in the union.

Gov. Palin supported the bridge to nowhere before the Federal Government pulled fuding for the project.

That's the judgement we need in the White House.

26 August 2008

Introducing iSeeIt


Research done in 2006 has confirmed the long-standing theory that there are 6.6 degrees of separation between you and any other person in the world. This means that there are only 6.6 steps between you and someone who has a communication disorder. iSeeIt is the innovative new way of expression for individuals struggling with Autism, loss of memory due to Alzheimer's, speech problems due to physical issues, or difficulties in the organizing of tasks or memory functions.

iSeeIt is a new idea in software – an image-based program for use on a Microsoft based PDA. iSeeIt is the simple and effective way to organize thoughts and enable communication through the user’s own personal images captured by digital camera and voice added through an easy record sequence. iSeeIt users include individuals of all ages and ability levels who struggle with sequencing and communication problems that inhibit their ability to reach out to the world around them. iSeeIt provides a custom tailored, team oriented approach that is completely unique to each specific user, enabling communication where none had been possible before.

One example of aniSeeIt success is a teenager with autism who had never been able to express her thoughts. Communication had always been merely repeating words that were spoken to her. iSeeIt elicited an amazing change – when viewing images of restaurants, this teenager spoke out “Chili’s, Call Daddy”. Her teachers were stunned – this was the first spontaneous phrase this teenager had ever said. How long had she known what to say, but had been unable to express it?

We invite you to visit our website (www.iSeeItSolutions.com) where you will be able to view an explanation and demonstration of this radically new approach to communication. Further, we would be grateful if you could help us spread the word by sending our website link to everyone within your email contact list or telling your friends.

Our family has developed and tested iSeeIt over the past six years to empower individuals, families and friends to overcome challenges and add their voices to the world. You may not know anyone with a communication disorder – but someone within your 6.6 degrees of separation could benefit greatly from this new idea.

Thank you,
The Nortrup family
Creators of iSeeIt